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Email: join@ediblehomegardens.com
Year found: 2018
Headquarter: Wyoming, USA

Edible Home Gardens: The NEW & Innovative LUXURIOUS Green House - Lifestyle Living! Combined with FREE energy and healthy food alternatives all within a wholesome - natural based global community.

Join us! You can also become an investor.

Just call: 307.702.2582

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  • Edible Home Gardens Permaculture Resorts

    Edible Home Gardens Permaculture Resorts

    Donate or Invest in Edible Home Gardens Permaculture Resorts and/or Clicky FUN Vacations!

    Earn up to 39% annual ROI (paid monthly) additional 35% profit sharing + long term residual income BONUS!

    Investors call: 307.702.2582

    GoFundMe: Edible Home Gardens & Clicky FUN Vacations


  • Edible Home Gardens Permaculture Resorts

    Edible Home Gardens Permaculture Resorts

    Do YOU love Vacations & Resorts? Wouldn't YOU also love to earn serious cash dollars from them? Well, here's your chance to earn an annual ROI plus Profit sharing and Residual Income too with Clicky FUN Vacations & Edible Home Gardens Resorts package!

    For the Investor/Lender - We have 2 sample investor packages: The $500k Investor’s package earns an average of $13,125.00 a month and the $1M Investor’s package averages up to $30,625.00 every month – each package includes additional long term bonuses and profit sharing with our ClickyBuzz and/or our Edible Home Gardens "BE THE BANK" programs. The additional long term BONUS up to $3M is Split between the $5M Investors.

    ClickyBuzz, Clicky FUN Vacations with our Edible Home Gardens Permaculture Self-Sustainable Resorts have several lending options available from: $500k up to $5M

    ASK TO SEE our Edible Home Gardens Luxurious Self-Sustainable sample Home Build-outs that we'll be adding to each one of our Resort Communities!

    (Smaller investment programs are available for a limited time only.)

    Each ClickyBuzz, Clicky Fun Vacations or Edible Home Gardens Resort have their own unique long term BONUS package with its own profit sharing identity.

    For example: Regarding the additional profit sharing portion up to $3M for Edible Home Gardens will come from -

    yes A continuous year round abundance of organically raised crops, hard wood bamboo and long term food supply (poultry, meat & fish for example) packaged with our exclusive label and logo for a 25 year shelf life.

    yes A Permaculture cooperative community with each individual unit using only 1/4 - 1 acre can gross more than $100,000 per year with more than enough money to financially sustain a family. Every week, the market garden can produce enough vegetables alone to feed over 200 families or packaged and sold as our private labeled healthy, long term stored food supply source.

    yes Production of Healthy Bug stalls valued at over $100k a year per each small ¼ acre per species - for example: crickets and mealworms etc and micro-greens (worth $100k + a year for each ¼ acre) Both are a lucrative part of the permaculture business that supplies the necessary organic nutrients for live stock and fish pond food. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95db4-v2984 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO9Q2bnQvLo&t=18s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giintgC7Nd8

    yes Profitable overflow of biogas and electricity supplied from our natural energy producing grid, along with our privatized distilled water system and our exclusively manufactured bamboo for furniture and our private labeled toiletry and paper products.

    yes Combining: geothermal, biogas, digesters, solar, wind and water turbine for mixed energy surplus.

    yes Production of fast growing Bamboo: USA Imports over 44 Million TONS of Bamboo each year! Bamboo is the FASTEST growing hard wood used for making gorgeous designer furniture and will also generate huge profits manufacturing our private labeled toiletries and paper products which has a HIGH resale market value! Bamboo provides 35% more OXYGEN – better than anything else and bamboo can produce 2,000 plants worth $30 each on only ¼ acre of land!

    yes In addition, Edible Home Gardens is looking to purchase several Year Round Cash Flowing Resorts (Suggestion below: 28.4 acres with additional 5 acres available) with enough extra land to build and operate the Club’s Edible Home Gardens Global Permaculture Self-Sustainable Resorts and Communities worldwide. We currently have Members from other countries ready to go with thousands of acres who are interested in reproducing our Edible Home Gardens prototype within their own country as well. See example:

    c2cadmin TheBuzz

    c2cadmin TheBuzz

    You can either donate or invest: https://www.gofundme.com/f/edible-home-gardens-permaculture-resorts?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet

    14 Days ago
    c2cadmin TheBuzz

    c2cadmin TheBuzz

    Benefits include YEAR round FUN in the SUN!! Convention Centers, Shopping and a whole lot more!

    22 Days ago
  • Edible Home Gardens Permaculture Resorts

    Edible Home Gardens Permaculture Resorts

    Join our Edible Home Gardens Club here:

    Edible Home Gardens Club

    Get new & exciting Healthy TidBits of information along with Free Energy information as we create our LUXURIOUS Edible Home Gardens Community!!

  • Edible Home Gardens Permaculture Resorts

    Edible Home Gardens Permaculture Resorts

    We'll have our NEW logo shortly! We're very excited to introduce our Edible Home Gardens Community Development Program! Call us if you are an Investor looking to be a part of an exciting self-sustainable development community: 307.702.2582

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